We left Olava and fam - Gena and fam
and Ingval - in Norway - that was
sad for us all, as we knew we
would never see each others again.

The school I went to always had Christmas
tree and we sang and all went around the tree.
There was about 200 of us at that school.
We had a very good Choir leader - so we
realy sounded nice. during winter we
had skiturnamet in the bigest hill
we had. I won 2nd price in one of
them. I liked to go over the jumps
high up in the air. (Wish I could
do it now). We had a bigg Falls at
Hønefoss and it furnished Elecktri-
sity a long ways. Then we left
Norway and we got so sick on the
North Sea. Came to England I though
the floors in the Hotel still was vavie.
Was in the Hotel 3 days and nights.
Saw a lot of hungry children