no cows. Nels, Gustava and Inga
also left for America, so it was
only Pa, Ma, Carl and me at our house

My other sisters lived just a few
miles from us and my brother Ingval
too. He came every 2 weeks and
then my Dad, Ingval and Carl
played violins and chello. But then
Nels and the others wanted us to
come to US - so finely we left
mother Norway and came here. Nov. 1907

I have to write a little more about
Norway. When Christmas came my
dad always helpt ringing in Christ-
mas Eve at the church. And my
mother and Gustava had our evening
meal. Rømmegrøt, Lutfisk, Spare-
ribs potatoes and fatigman. Christmas
tree was lit and we all went
around the tree and sang.