A little story of my life,
I was born in a little Log Cabin in
Aadalen Norway. The first thing I
can remember about that home was
a big Cherry tree by the house and
our cow and cat. When I was 4 yrs
old we mowed over to a bigger farm
and bigger house too. But I cryed
when I had to leave our home.
I guess I was kind of lost. as every
thing was taken out of the house.
My sister Gustava and I was the last
once to leave. She had to carry
me partways as it was a little
path and xxxxx as we went a acros
the woods. The others went the main
road witch was was about 3 miles from
the little cabin. We met an
old lady - that was mowing in to where
we left. She was so kind looking
and she gave me a big lump of